Highly Recommended

I cannot say enough good about Mark Walters. I have had many property managers over the years and tried managing some properties myself.....but I have never had fewer vacancies, fewer headaches and NEVER a call at midnight saying my furnace is off; my toilet is overflowing or any other of the things tenants call about. Mark's system is totally automated and all I have to do is go online each month to see that the rents have been deposited into my account.

Mark has a wonderful relationship with his property owners...he makes property ownership a very positive experience.

I have recommended Mark to my friends who own rental property and they say the same things.

I would highly encourage anyone who is looking for a new way to manage rentals to contact Mark.

Prompt & Professional

We have been absolutely blown away by the prompt and professionalism that we have had with EVERYONE at MW Properties.

Mark has been our key contact and with doing furnished, executive rental, we feel that we have more than average contact with him--and he is always quick to return a call, follows up on everything that is promised, and the best part, we have NEVER heard the words I CAN'T come from any person's mouth! We even got a wish for a safe and happy holiday messaged to our phones on Christmas Eve--from Mark!

We have lived internationally and struggled to stay on top of our property in the past, and even though we are still out of state, having our place under the MW Properties umbrella takes a HUGE burden off our plates! We appreciate all that MW Properties does for us and really feel that they are truly working for us and with us, at all times!

We have told our neighbors about our great experience and would, without hesitation, strongly recommend MW Properties to anyone interested in a professional, hardworking, yet personable, local company, for any and all property management.

Never Look Back

After managing my own rental properties for over 10 years, I finally decided to turn them over to a property management firm after I relocated several hours away from the rentals. Having heard numerous stories of how bad this arrangement can turn out, I was more than a little skeptical as to how my experience would be. I asked around for referrals and got one for MW Properties.

It has now been over 5 years since MW took over my rentals and I can say without hesitation that I have never looked back. The service has been top notch. My rental vacancy rate has dropped. My M&R costs are stable and, thanks to Mark's efforts, transparent. I have complete confidence in his capabilities and his business ethic.

To anyone considering MW Properties as a management source, I would enthusiastically recommend giving them a shot. You won't be disappointed.

Unable to recommend anyone better

I have more properties than I care to manage and my rentals started falling behind. Many tenants started walking over me because I would try to work with them but they would never catch up. After hiring MW Properties, they had everyone either paying rent or moving out within a month. I stopped receiving the midnight call stating my toilet is backed up nor do I have to listen to why the rent is late. Mark handles it all and deposits the rent into my account every month. I am also very pleased with how quick my properties are cleaned and re-rented. As soon as a tenant moves out MW Properties is there the next day trashing out the unit and getting it back on the market. After managing my own properties and working with other property managers, I would not be able to recommend anyone better then MW Properties.

They are a Godsend!

As a first time landlord, MW Properties has been a Godsend! They walked me through the entire process, everything was explained and documented. I get updates as needed and get timely responses when questions arise. They always do what they can to find responsible tenants, minimize turnover and get the property rented again quickly. I have been very pleased with the entire staff!

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