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Mark Walters, CEO 

Why should you choose MW Properties Realty Group, LLC as your leading Management Team?

We see things from a different perspective.  I am an investor and I manage all of the properties we represent as though I own them.  Therefore, we dedicate 150% commitment to our clients as well as our residents.  You would be my customer and you will have the ability to communicate with myself directly.  We do not push the owners of our properties off on our property managers or anyone else. You are our VIP Client.

With all of the above being stated, I will expound a little further on why selecting, MW Properties Realty Group, LLC & MW Properties will be advantageous to you.

  • You will have access to our CEO, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We are not the Monday thru Friday Company.
  • Our Corporate office is based in Charlotte, NC and satellite offices in Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA.
  • We are very successful regarding rental collections.  Currently we manage over 1500 units.  Of the 1500 plus units that we manage we file approximately 40-60 evictions per month; and of those we may end up filing Writ of Possessions and/or Padlocks for 2 of the 40. So we get the money.
  • We have properties that we manage in a 50-mile radius of Charlotte, NC, 50-mile radius of Raleigh NC and the Triangle, Newton NC, Rock Hill /Fort Mill SC, and Atlanta, GA.
  • Our staff consists of over 14 Corporate Staff and 19 in house maintenance and renovators with expertise within their respected positions.  Therefore, we are equipped to handle all aspects of management from Customer Service, Maintenance, Renovations, Property Management, Legal Representation, etc
  • Our fee is 8% per month with a $50 minimum flat rate.  If your property is a C-Class or challenged property our fee is 10% with a minimum of a $75 flat rate. If you have 6 or more properties we will manage the 6th property and thereafter for only 6% per month. We believe in a VIP Discount.
  • We have no additional junk fees as I call them.  One of the reasons for our success is we belief of Transparency.
  • A placement fee of 1/2 a month or $350 whichever is greater once a new tenant is secured for your property.
  • There is no charge to process existing tenants. 
  • There is a $99 yearly annual renewal fee to renew the leases and raise your rents up.
  • We also charge nothing while the house is empty.  Most of our houses rent within 2 to 3 weeks.  During the Thanksgiving & Christmas holiday season it may take a little longer to rent the property.
  • We do not withhold the first month of rental payments collected.  (Ex. What we collect in November we would EFT it to your account by the 10th and/or later than the 12th of the same month).
  • We are completely web based.  Therefore, you will have a username and password; and will have the ability to review all accounts in real time.
  • Our Property Managers show every house.  Keys are not provided to potential residents.
  • Residents have multiple payment options such as online payments and/or money order payments.  Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Our Leasing Agents are dedicated to showing properties, responding to emails and answering phone calls.
  • Our on-site Leasing Agents and Property Managers are dedicated to a specific job description catered to the particular property being managed. 
  • We have a dedicated person who handles all application approvals and lease signings.
  • Our CEO’s Personal Executive Assistant handles all furnished/Corporate rentals. He also handles all the court evictions at no additional charge to our landlords. 
  • It is not required that you utilize our maintenance team.  Although, our maintenance staff is versatile with many specialties at a great rate to our owners
  • We provide Monthly reports and year end reports for all income and expenses.
  • We also handle Commercial Properties at a huge discount compared to the market. Our cost is 6% per month of the Gross rents and only a one month market fee once a potential tenant is procured. We do not charge our investors the total length of the lease X 6%. As an investor myself I understand every dollar counts. We do ask that our investors pay the marketing fees that is associated with finding a potential renter since all marketing is different and this is something we decide together.

With all of the above being stated, I am confident that your property will be in GREAT hands with our company.  We are experienced in managing Multi-Family Communities, Houses, Townhomes, Condominiums, Commercial Properties, etc.; we are a full service Management Company w/Licensed Realtors and Brokers.  Highly ranked by the Better Business Bureau we have been in business for over 13 years and have grown exponentially over the past 5 years. 

We have a complete system that our CEO developed personally from the investor perspective. We are the Investor’s Property Management Company.  I (CEO) am an investor.  Therefore, I am personally as well as professionally interested in how to make being an investor advantageous to you.

Finally, I have been featured in the book, “The Most Successful Property Manager”, I have completed 2 Podcasts; I currently speak nationally on how to be a successful Property Manager; and I am a Author.  

Please contact me personally with any further questions and/or concerns at (980) 498-7141.  Also, visit our website and view some of the professional ways in which we will market and represent your property at www.mwproperties.com.   By viewing our website you will learn more about our company, our team and how we can best represent your interests as it pertains to Real Estate and Property Management. 

I hope to hear from you soon.


Mark Walters

Mark Walters, CEO

MW Properties Realty Group, LLC


MW Properties Realty Group 10610 Metromont Parkway, Suite 204 Charlotte, NC 28269